Thursday, November 15, 2012

YP Corp YPNT Livedeal LIVE

It publishes yellow pages through www.Yellow-Page.Net, www.YP.Net, and www.YP.Com. I listened to their 1st quarter 07' conference call and didn't hear any big troubles. I need to do some more homework on how the business works and potential setbacks from competitors. It seems solid as businesses need Internet presence and YP provides that. Their most recent balance sheet for the end of December had Total Assets of 26,316 against Total Liabilities of only 3,087, 2934 of that Accounts Payable and no long-term debt. This balance sheet seems better than a lot of stalwart S&P 500's. They are seeing more customers the CEO says from the telemarketing campaign and have a new partnership with This company is off the radar of the big institutions with a tiny market cap.

Brief Analysis
They were profitable in the first quarter of 07' with $.01 eps. Actually an increase from last year. Reuters shows estimates for full year 07' of .07 eps and 08" up to .15 eps. A free cash flow model would be the best to find the intrinsic value of the business but assuming a very conservative full year 07' eps of .03 cents per share and 08's eps of $.06. It would be worthwhile to hold the shares in 08 with a pe of 13.16 and a eps yield of 7.5 at a share price of .79 a share.
If eps continues to grow in the future the stock is a bargain at under a $1. I don't see the company encountering any troubles in the near future. Over the next year or two the worst thing that could happen is they continue to deliver so so and the stock goes no where. I don't invest in stocks. I invest in businesses by buying shares of stock. This company is worth watching.
I don't own any shares of YP Corporation at the time of this writing.

"YP Corp. is America's Local Online Yellow Pages(tm) and offers businesses a simple and affordable way of creating a web presence and marketing their products and services to local audiences online. The Company offers an Internet Advertising Package, which provides advertisers preferred placement in yellow page search results and their own Mini Webpage(tm) where they can provide potential customers with details about their products and services.

About, Inc. (NasdaqGM:WWWW - News), is a leading destination for the simplest, yet most powerful solutions for websites and web services. offers do-it-yourself and professional website design, website hosting, e-commerce, web marketing and email. Since 1995, has been helping individuals and small businesses leverage the power of the Internet to build a web presence. More than 4 million websites have been built using's proprietary tools, services and patented technology. For more information on the company, please visit or call 1-800-WEB-HOST."

-source, Yahoo!,


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