Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cookout Fast Food, Stock May be the Next Big Growth Story

There is this fast food company that is in North Carolina and only North Carolina called Cookout. I've never actually eaten there yet but the place is popular. I was going to drive thru and order but the line at about 7:30 pm was so long I opted for Jack in the Box. This was good but I was disappointed to see only two cars going through Jack's drive through and basically no wait while its competitor was getting all the traffic.

I couldn't find much of anything on the web about them because they are pretty new I think and are only in about a couple dozen cities in North Carolina, mostly around college towns I read. I couldn't find a webpage but I found that they apparently have a niche in serving a variety of menu items like BBQ sandwiches and they stay open late in college towns until 4 am. I highly doubt they are public because I probably would have heard of them and found a ticker or some clue on the web. I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to expand and raise some capital by going public and doing an IPO. I might ask some local management more about the company. Restaurant chains can be fantastic growth stories.

full disclosure: no position in Jack in the Box (JBX)

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