Friday, August 11, 2017

Follow My Twitter and Update

Hey folks. I'm very active on Twitter. If you want to catch most of my alerts follow me here on my Twitter page. I've been short the Dow Jones index from near this top for a couple days and just closed out my TVIX trade for a nice gain. Planet Fitness PLNT crushed the top and bottom line the other day in their earnings report. We hit an all-time high of $25 a share. I continue to hold as I have for years now. I bought the IPO in 2015 and have written a lot about it on Tech stocks have some top formations going. AMZN is pretty scary and NVDA looks topped out to. This doesn't seem to be a top in the market yet but it well could be, atleast short-term. I'm hedged some with DXD. I am looking for an inverted yield curve as a recession, market top signal.