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Friday, September 16, 2022

Daily Evaluation 9/16/2022

Not considering P and L I'm going to say my worst trade was buying FREY late. It looks like I ended up buying it after a big run at HOD. My best trades were two overbought shorts on AMRS again and IRNT. IRNT was the biggest money maker on the day. I had IRNT as a focus stock and managed to catch it climbing on my watchlist to get a short in. I'm not seeing any standout really bad trades put on. I didn't do any overtrading either. I held to my stop losses and managed risk very well. All losses were small. Only downfall of the day was not keeping breakdown trades on long enough with ACCO KC. I ended up putting some breakdown trades on late in the afternoon expecting more lows on SPY IWM. I actually had a feeling there was going to be a late afternoon rally as it was a range-bound day on IWM SPY and it was such a big gap down. I came out ahead on my SPY IWM trades. They have been surprsingly easy to trade with just trend lines and basic support resistance. I need to keep drawing up lines on charts because I'm getting great signals.

I'm really happy with my AMRS IRNT shorts. I feel the most confident right now shorting setups like this intraday. I liked having size on IRNT because I could scale out all the way down. I added some on the position too when it was going as expected.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Daily Trading Evaluation 9/15/2022

If somebody told me they shorted AMRS today close to 4.80 I probably wouldn't believe them if I didn't know them. I got a short on at 4.77 today. It wasn't my only entry though. I shorted another tranche at 4.73, 4.20 and 4.18. The last two were my second trade on it.My exits were 4.65, 4.51 4.48, 4.43 on the first wave down. My expectation was I was likely just shorting a bull flag so I covered quickly expecting to have to get out of the way of the next up move. I am happy with my scaling out. I wasn't happy about not going with more size on the initial short near hod (high of day). I have been needing to go with more size on these hod shorts with good entry. I know my max risk I can go but either because I'm in a hurry or just want to watch risk I haven't gone as big as possible. It's a good thing I am nailing these setups though 3 or 4 days in a row now though either on SHOP or IWM. I just happened to have AMRS on my watchlist because it flagged the other day around low 3.00s. My bias flip was great. That's one thing I have improved on a lot. My risk management and overtrading is better but still needs attention.

Tradersync is showing my worst loss trades were X and TERN. X was more of a daily chart setup I forced in anticipation. TERN was a failed supernova second day. The supernovas are more difficult than they were 10 years ago or so. RDBX REV APRN NERV(the current one) don't really go into a smooth backside or top out fast. It used to be most daily supernovas looked lke this AMRS chart exactly. Which is why it went away. It was so easy in some ways.

Selectivity was better today. Trade management was good. Overtrading was better. Hard stops were better but could be better. Risk management could have been better on X and TERN. TERN was more of a failed setup though. I traded it well it just didn't play out. I made other trades in other tickers but I just want to deeply review my best and worst today and have my improvement plan ongoing. I should continue to short hod either on stocks or indices if the market provides. Continue to trust intution and experience.