Monday, June 29, 2015

New Watchlist Adds

Added LBIO as a short. Big selling volume on the move down Friday. Should see more lows.

GREK the Greece ETF overnight here at 5:30 am Eastern is already down 13% from Friday. Almost a new technical breakdown below 9.76 already. Should be very volatile this week.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Couple Charts AOI GALE

I circled the hammer candle on AOI at the end of the flag. That's just a cool chart. The coolest thing is the value mutual fund managers who were buying because of the expected turnaround of this tobacco company have no idea what the chart looked like. Or the clean flag and hammer they were all creating. I peeked at Yahoo Finance last night and AOI put up some good numbers last quarter and expect a really good 2016. SEED has had some very positive press releases lately. Any of these could continue to follow through.

Recap of 6/23

Todays watchlist was very good. I meant to put neutral only for XNET because it was up so much already and a triangle. Actually batted 1000. No surprises. AOI was up 5.6%, SEED up 5%, GALE up 6.6%, XNET up 3.6%, WYY at its high up about 1%, POZN the short down 3.3%. I always like to catch the bull flags very early. The first 4 were early bull flags. If you wait instead for the breakout from the flag the breakout is way trickier to trade because breakouts fail and your risk is greater. It's just harder to find a good stop loss area. All of those above had very low selling volume on the down flag days.

Trading Watches 6/23

Long and Neutral bias we have in order of quality AOI SEED GALE XNET WYY Short POZN

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thursday 11th

CTIC has phase III results coming on Friday. Bull flag going here.

OHGI same as before long biased. Long bias on breakout this time over 5.04.

NUGN Short Bias

I posted up NUGN awhile ago as a short candidate. It looks like the downturn is in the works now. Currently at 4.30 a share.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Twitter watchlist

I posted 8 stocks here on my twitter for Monday. I'm usually more active on my twitter than here on this blog. I love Twitter as a stock alerts platform. I follow some good and great traders on there. Let's see how my watchlist performed. From my watchlist for Monday IMMU was a Nasdaq top gainer up 15%. OHGI was up 17%! NNVC finished up 5%. MELA up 3% and I think it wants more.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

5 Year Highs

Looking at a quick screen of stocks hitting five year highs it's mostly medical and financial stocks. Most of the major brokerage firms like Schwab are at fresh 5 years. Most of the breakouts and momentum has been in biotech lately. I'm going to go on a limb here and say the biotech index hits a new high soon. IBB isn't saying new high in the chart, rather it is stalled. IBB seems pretty happy up here though.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

What I'm Looking At

I haven't made any trades in atleast a few trading days. I'm still running screens every night. I've had a couple stop orders out there where the stock never moved and subsequently I canceled them. The last one was on SPXL the 3 X leverage bull S&P 500 index. The Russell 2000 looked particularly bullish as well. The setup is still there long on the S&P here. It's on trend support. If I trade any indices like SPXL I'm going undersized in the position. MTNB looks good long. It is OTC though so make sure to protect profits and sell all of position into highs.