Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Short TLT Setup w TBT

I did a post on the other blog Stock Pursuit about shorting long-term Treasuries awhile ago. There is a good setup to get short via the ETF TBT now. It hit some resistance in this little range it started. The stop out is about 23 on TLT.

Monday, July 27, 2015


My current positions are DGAZ long. THLD,ANTH,LOCK,OHRP short. I'm up slightly or near breakeven on all of these except ANTH. I didn't set a stop loss and have about a 3% loss currently on it. If it moves one tick above 11.25 a share which is the high yesterday I'm going to cover it all and flip it to a long. It could breakout again and it is a failed signal setup via the shooting stars failing. I'm at a turning point for this years trading. I've had more winners than losers in my trading and my account is up. It's all been coming together this year. I cut losers very well and lock in profits when they appear. My risk management has been on point this year overall.  I have stuck to clear setups too. My success on these positions will cement the rest of the year I feel.

NYMX Ran Over 100%!!!

I Traded NYMX a couple times back in April and posted it a ton on the blog. It hit a high today of 3.25! Todays trading watchlist did incredible. ANTH tanked at the open and I got filled short. I filled on OHRP and LOCK too. I never longed VLTC unfortunately. It ran as expected. I just got home and haven't checked anything since the open so I'm going to see how the positions are doing.


I just posted up a couple posts below. The VLTC post. The shorts post to. I put up some indicators on ANTH and it is closing around the upper Bollinger band. With a shooting star to boot this is a great short setup on a break of Fridays low. I looked at RSI 2 as well and it is oversold. I am a bigger fan of Bollinger bands to detect overbought as is the case here. Click on the pic.


There are a lot of cool setups out there. These are shorts on a technical breakdown and red on the day. OHRP LOCK ANTH

OHRP is a short off this failed bull flag.

LOCK is a short on breakdown
ANTH has shooting stared TWICE here.


Looks like a bull flag.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Natural Gas Short

It looks like natural gas is the only major commodity not breaking down. I compared natural gas to oil over the past year and they are correlated. It isn't a perfect correlation but when oil began tanking in the past nat gas followed. I remember last time there was just a lag but they will track each other in these crashes. I have an order in to buy the 3 X inverse ETF DGAZ this morning as pre-market is indicating UNG down again about 1%. After such a big candle that we had yesterday in UNG more weakness is imminent. Dive gas dive!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dollar Breakout, Weak Commodities

I took off my QID to short the Nasdaq with a small loss. Roughly a 2% loss. I was happy to take a scratch when the price action was going against the position. All morning Nasdaq ripped higher and higher. I nailed the setup just waited to long to get short. Didn't expect such a huge gap down. I'm still short THLD and so far the price action is good.

I've been watching the USD and I see the long setup on the dollar breakout. This looks like a steady uptrend is going on. The crashing of gold and copper point to dollar strength as well. Gold is basically synergistic with the dollar as an inverse. It's not a multi timeframe breakout on the dollar IF it happens here but the upside is good. I will probably look at ETF UUP long.


I'm short THLD from the $4.25 breakdown continuation. There was a ton of support 4.60 to 4.70 area. There was a shooting star candle the day before too. So I want to short the trend resistance down to trend support. Trend support is 4.00 to 4.05ish so I will ideally cover there.

I did a post on Stock Pursuit about how overbought the Nasdaq is after these tech giants runs. The Nasdaq was flat yesterday and it looks like the futures this morning are pointing to big weakness off of Apple AAPL bad news. I will short the Nasdaq with the ultra short ETF QID here this morning on any Nasdaq weakness. Should be good for a swing trade.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Watchlist Adds

I have ANY OCLS long bias. Short bias I found some really good ones. NQ HILL CLF. These look like the breakdown is imminent.

Monday, July 6, 2015


Biotech stock OCLS looks like a big bull flag here. Shorting oil looks good on the breakdown. SCO