Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boss Holdings BSHI

In looking for a red tag sale on Wallstreet recently I've come across some interesting companies selling for less than their current assets minus all liabilities. Most of them don't make money consistently so maybe you could make the argument that they don't deserve to sell for book value. This company, however has been profitable more consistently. The business is pretty straight forward they sell gloves, boots, and rainwear products primarily to retailers, including convenience stores, mass merchandisers, and hardware and grocery stores; and industrial customers comprising companies operating in the agricultural, automotive, energy, lumber, and construction industries. They've been in business for decades. The only major macro obstacle I could foresee is if companies that manufacture with cheaper labor say in China and kill their margins. They are working on improving margins though and sales are more flat than hugely down with the exception of one segment that is growing. At $7.35 it is selling for a cheap valuation, however, it looks more attractive at $6 or $5. Had one picked up a company I wrote about, RCMT at $6.60 there was a 20% return in just some weeks.

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