Sunday, September 24, 2023

Uranium Stock Charts Video and More

I talk about several high RSI uranium stocks and sector ETF's like XHB and KRE among other stocks in this video. Uranium Stock Charts Video and others

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

XHB Homebuilder ETF Chart Analysis: Bearish Signals

I've been watching the rounding top forming on XHB the Homebuilders ETF for awhile now. It has signaled bearish again on a major level failure and trend support breakdown. It is a triangle that just broke down. You can see the top formation and major levels crashed through. I am bearish on the price and expect it to test $77 next and likely lower. Here is the long-term chart where you can see the long-term uptrend support it can fall back to.

Here is a 3 month chart analysis that shows the trend breakdown clearly and major level rejection.

Monday, August 21, 2023

XHB Chart Analysis: Homebuilders ETF Rounding Top

I drew a long-term internal trend line on ETF XHB and it shows that there is room to fall on the downside. It is still in an uptrend but got short-term overbought. The housing industry was down today even as large gains in tech and semi's came.

When we zoom in on the chart there are clear support levels that have been broken. This breakdown has confirmed a "rounded top pattern". I see a short setup on homebuilders and a move down to trend support as the target. The major names like DRH, BZH, LEN are tracking pretty closely. I'm going to watch Lumber Liquidators Flooring ticker LL to see if it can actually hold this bull flag. If not and a breakdown below $3.75 occurs I think it is a good short as they have struggled with the fundamentals.

Tasman Metals, Tasman Resources Stock TAS

I covered the technical analysis on a mining stock Tasman Metals way back in 2013. I noticed a lot of search traffic increasing for the stock in Google today. It appears it has traded on the OTC market under the ticker symbol (TASIF) for a long time. I now see it printed a trading day under ticker TAS.

I'm seeing conflicting info that has another company with that ticker Tasman Resources in Australia. Tasman Metals explores for rare earth metals in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Regardless, I looked at the Morningstar data for Tasman Resources TAS that shows robust revenue growth since 2020 and a good balance sheet. I added TAS to my watchlist based on the fundamentals and will watch the technicals as they develop.

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Trading Watchlist and Market Commentary For 8-3-23

I made a new video with some thoughts and a watchlist for Tomorrow.

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Here is the video

Gold Technical Analysis

Gold has a double top and failed signal with the bull-trap in May. It is in another downward channel here. I'm bearish on the price action. Some ticker are GLD GDXJ HMY EGO NEM TECK SAND NG

Longer term chart three years back

Monday, July 31, 2023

Stock Trading Watchlist and Market Update

I made another video on some stocks I am long and watching like quantum computer stocks. The quantum computer ETF made a new high today. I touch on some long and short ideas. Some ticker I talk about include CAVA QTUM RGTI QCI NRDY PLTR YALA ARAY QSI

New Trading Video

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Friday, July 28, 2023

Videos This Week

I've been posting videos on my Twitter in the mornings. I plan on doing a weekend video this weekend also. Follow me on My Youtube Channel

Google Thoughts, Watchlists

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

New Video On My Favorite Trading Software and Watchlist Run-down

I talk about my favorite platform and broker. I go through my watchlist process for certain shorts. I talk about some new tickers.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Watchlist Adds

Watching XLI for a long as it comes up to a trend support.

Short biased LUMN has earnings Aug 1. Shorts are in control.

The daily volume prints are making me believe this is a bear flag on COOK. The selling volume has increased and buying has weakened since that drop day on the 5th.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Watchlist For Monday 17th

I'm working on some code for an email form so you all can subscribe and I'll send an email for every watchlist I post here. I might just end up using a popular email subscription like Constant Contact or Mailchimp. I'll keep posting them on my Twitter here too.

I shorted crude oil by longing UCO puts Friday. The premiums are lower than USO which I usually trade. The more contracts the more fine tuning on the scaling out you can do. I like using spreads nowadays. The trend reversal setup is on a break of support. I jumped the gun with a pre-emptive entry. Looks good on any continued weakness(red on session).

I had an epiphany on an industry that is going to see AI and robotics disruption. Old fashioned perimeter security systems. The perimeter monitoring will maybe stay but if these companies don't start using these new robots they will be losers. I had already seen this bulky robots on wheels but there is another company called Knightscope, Inc. (KSCP) that makes security robots. The stock is pretty short-term overbought here but I imagine it will do fine in the long-term.

So this made me think of ADT the old security company. They don't have much cash to invest in R&D to build robots or buy the tech. I don't think this one is going to make it in the long-term. They've been struggling already. Looking at this bear flag setup for puts.

FREE is a health food brand. Nice long setup on any breakout.

I traded REMX well off this range to the long side. Now it is a short with the same channel setup.

CBIO Long setup on any move over Friday high of day. I'm not super optimistic of this because it's a bio and my glance at the fundamentals didn't get me excited. It is a perfect triangle though which has positive expectancy for me. Just a technical setup for a micro sized position.

Last one is 1.5x Long COIN Daily ETF (CONL) I like short biased. A shooting star red candle above upper bollinger band (20,2) is the "kiss of death". It's also way ahead of bitcoin on a comparison chart. It's basically a stat arb trade. COIN is short-term overbought and the leveraged ETFs unwind more when they go opposite direction of the underlying. Might do weekly puts for just a one or two day move.