Thursday, October 20, 2022

Two Day Evaluation

Looked at my overall win rate on IWM intraday and decided to back off trading it today. It hasn't been working this week. I have been trying to force trades to get a big green day. I decided to focus on intraday overbought for shorts because it's a high winrate and I can get good entries and that worked for me though I didn't have ideal size on it. I am having a hard time balancing size with risk and the ability to get a good sized gain. It's either too much risk or not enough risk so not a big gain. I am not sure my expectations on what I can do with an account my size are super realistic. I need perfect entries to put on the kind of size I want. All I need to do in my swing account is trade USO options and hold for 1 to 2 days and I have a 70% win rate but I have been doing stock options too and those aren't working out right now. I am going to regroup that account and keep going daytrading but I'm thinking for my stress level it is best to work a part-time job so I can do what I need to do slowly on the daytrading account. I usually only see a couple choice setups all day on the stocks I trade and it's not enough to have to rely on those for big gainers. Risk management was back today until later in the day I forced some size on scalps. I think I need a break to clear my mind.

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