Monday, October 17, 2022

Another Green Day

I traded well today despite some mistake reads on IWM. Traded IMUX short side. I was all over USO all day and could have gone more aggressive on the spike down in the afternoon. It was serious momo. I went over the Friday trades and it was another good day for me. IWM has provided a lot of volatility and easy trendline reads. I have a good sample size on the 52 week breakdown stocks I have been trading. Winrate is around 48% about 2% average gain, 2% avg loss. I like the winrate and can work with it. Since some of these stocks don't have a ton of day range it's going to be a task to capture as much of the moves as possible but there is a lot to work with as there are so many tickers like this now near lows. I am aiming at ones with higher day range. I realized I need to keep the stops tight with 2% gains. I sometimes swing them overnight super reduced size. I think it's a good idea to do that only on onees that have a gap down history. Otherwise I'm taking on risk. REV was one I shorted the other day literally the day before the big spike. These ones are some of the biggest gainers off lows too like AVCT today and others last week.

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