Friday, October 7, 2022

Strategy Thoughts

I like doing puts on TLT as swings. That's one thing that is working right now. I also really like shorting breakdowns and bear flags on fairly obscure lower volume stocks near a breakdwon. I like the intraday price action because there are no tricks like larger caps. I suppose it is the lack of algo's on them. They generally follow trend and don't whip up and down in every candle which is my big peeve right now with so many stocks. I'm going to go over my best setups and do a ranking to assign risk. In recent weeks and months I did ok trading BABA IWM SHOP intraday. I haven't been doing as well on those the past couple weeks. My number one vehicle and setup by far with a large sample size is multi-day directional puts and calls on USO. I've taken more breakdown trades lately and I think the potential on them is the best if the ovearall market keeps breaking down or even if not because there are usually stocks breaking down with a rising market. Shorting intraday spikes or overbought is good but it depends on the ticker.

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