Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Monday 10/10/2022 Daily Evaluation

I had a good read on XLE and SPY all day Monday. I traded XLE 9 times with 5 being profitable trades and no big losses and overall good profit to loss. Definitely worth it. That made me a little overconfident trading it at the open today. I was looking for follow through like it has done in the past off the open but it was the worst chop. I ended green today though and have been green 5 of the last 7 trading sessions. There are good and bad days as with everything. Back to Monday. Best winners were XLE SPY CYXT short and the worst was ADEA short which was poor risk management. I don't think I had a hard stop and was super busy with a ton of positions on. It finally faded out today and I participated some. I had 8 or 9 positions on at one point Monday. All breakdown shorts. I've noticed some days IWM SPY XLE are easier than others to read but when they are for me XLE trades very smooth. Aside from ADEA Monday I didn't have any major flaws. Trade management could have been better but with so many positions it was tough. I just wanted to be in the right one because I had high confidence in a red day going in. Having more screens might help in seeing the charts. I set alerts but it takes time to look at the charts still.

My biggest struggle in past weeks was being selective always and not overtrading. I've been better at that lately but need to work on getting better entries and scaling in bigger so I can put on larger size. It's nice to be green but the days could definetely be bigger. I missed a trade on XLE and a short on ZYME today because I was looking at other things. The ZYME I was actually away from the desk for that one. I had my first day of being net down on the day to coming back green today. I'm doing evals a day after because my broker uploads confirms the next day. I need to work on larger sizing going forward and avoid options on indices and TSLA or big-cap stocks. Those were my biggest downfalls on bad days.

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