Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wedn 4/29 Recap

I had another good day trading day today. Today offset a stubborn short swing I held and lost about 10% on. ERI the other day. I just had two trades today and they were ones I planned out the night before. I was eyeing JNUG for a breakout long and RIG for a long off of its trend support flag. On JNUG the breakout came early in the morning and I bought JNUG at 23.99. I bought some more at 24.32. Usually when JNUG goes green it continues to run. That's why I like trading these volatile stocks because you can get a horrible entry and a horrible exit and still have a great trade. JNUG kept ramping and oil and oil stocks started moving later in the day. I sold about 90% or more of the position at 24.97. I knew the FED statement was coming around 2pm and figured why risk the gains. Miners did fall off the highs. Right after I alerted RIG at high of day in high 16.00's I longed it undersized for a swing trade. RIG really took off. All of these charts are in the posts below.

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