Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trading Watchlist 4/7/2015 !!

I always try to look through a bunch of stock scans every night. I have a long list of custom scans on Stockfetcher.com I go through. The way StockFetcher is set up you can scroll over the tickers and a pop-up chart pops up. With the feature I can run down a list very quickly and glance at the charts of dozens and dozens of stocks in no time. I probably look at about 70 or more charts a night. That's including ones I see on StockCharts.com homepage. Sometimes I look through more. Sometimes less. Watches for today are as follows.

Short biased we have LEVY. Surprisingly no one on Twitter is even onto this one. I was short biased yesterday and am very short biased after todays run. If it opens below 15 and goes red I think a good daytrade short is had.

VLTC is short biased. It's up on Icahn news. Doubt this huge run is justified for more or less a media pump of the stock. $20 million market cap and not much on the financials.

Last on the short's list is CAPN. Need to go red on the day.

Long biased is ANAD. It just came off of a nice consolidation.

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