Monday, April 20, 2015

NYMX Trade

I put NYMX on my watchlist for today because I noticed it in a scan. The consolidation was clean day over day and it looked like it was finally ready to run as it had printed a couple hammers around 1.00. It is a big runner when it runs too.

This morning I was just watching it pop a little over 1.01 and it just hung there on no serious volume. Then it spiked to 1.09 and fell back. Immediately it shot back to 1.09 and then made a new high of the day at 1.10. This was enough to prove to me it wanted to run. I bought it at 1.11 as you can see on my Twitter. It then started floating on air and went to 1.50. I just then noticed the spike and happily sold at 1.42 after I saw it in the 1.40s. It ran all the way to 1.70s up 70%! Tweeted the exit too. Here's the chart

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