Sunday, April 19, 2015

Trading Watchlist For Monday 19th

After running through a bunch of different scans on Stockfetcher my favorite setups for Monday are by a wide margin shorts. Don't miss CHOP. Classic short setup.

So on short watch we have CLNE. I thought I remembered the ticker but I think that was some other "Clean" stock. A lot of these "clean" companies are just pumped up fluff. This one though I looked at the financials and did some scuttle and it is a pretty good company. The chart is very good for a short setup though after such a consecutive run and a red floater candle above the upper bollie. The "Kiss of Death" as Muddy would say.

CLNE short bias.

CHOP short bias. This one looks like it has the most potential for a big drop. Wow! looks nice. Textbook short. China name too.

AMCN short bias

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