Monday, September 19, 2022

Setback with Broker

I made trades through my broker like I always do but somehow some went through as cash orders so my intraday buying power was knocked down without me realizing it. I missed the afternoon range break on IWM right as I had to call my broker and was on the phone with them for an hour atleast. Fidelity is just too unrealiable for a couple reasons for daytrading. I can't select margin or cash so I would assume it would all be margin as I'm a daytrader using their "Active Trader" platform. But sometimes it sends cash orders which throws off my balances. The platform doesn't adjust quickly also so you have to go off the website to see your holdings. I'm hesitant to place any orders until I can get my cash out and to another broker for daytrading. I'm pretty upset about it so I'm not going to place any trades the rest of the day.

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