Friday, September 16, 2022

Daily Evaluation 9/16/2022

Not considering P and L I'm going to say my worst trade was buying FREY late. It looks like I ended up buying it after a big run at HOD. My best trades were two overbought shorts on AMRS again and IRNT. IRNT was the biggest money maker on the day. I had IRNT as a focus stock and managed to catch it climbing on my watchlist to get a short in. I'm not seeing any standout really bad trades put on. I didn't do any overtrading either. I held to my stop losses and managed risk very well. All losses were small. Only downfall of the day was not keeping breakdown trades on long enough with ACCO KC. I ended up putting some breakdown trades on late in the afternoon expecting more lows on SPY IWM. I actually had a feeling there was going to be a late afternoon rally as it was a range-bound day on IWM SPY and it was such a big gap down. I came out ahead on my SPY IWM trades. They have been surprsingly easy to trade with just trend lines and basic support resistance. I need to keep drawing up lines on charts because I'm getting great signals.

I'm really happy with my AMRS IRNT shorts. I feel the most confident right now shorting setups like this intraday. I liked having size on IRNT because I could scale out all the way down. I added some on the position too when it was going as expected.

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