Thursday, September 22, 2022

Evaluation 9/22/2022 Puts and Calls

I put on a lot of position puts today. Still not daytrading as I'm waiting on funds to hit my new broker. I think it should be tomorrow or very soon. My playbook is very large and I'm starting to favor short selling intra-day and weekly. I was only or mostly a long investor for a long time in the past and briefly daytraded in the past. I think seeing things from a long traders perspective adds greatly to skill as a short seller. I know what these spike charts look like and how they behave from being stuck on the wrong side as a long trader so many times in the past. The best setups I took over the past several trading sessions were intra-day spikers on high day rangers. I can tell based on just looking at the last month or so of the large move green days candle lengths when to start to look for a short. That in concert with the slople of the run-up to the top with volume and price evening out on the 2 min chart. Volume at the top is not always spot on but a few minutes or so of sideways price action is a good indicator of a top starting.

I sold FREY for a gain near open. Should have held a partial for follow through. I was worried about losing the gain and it kept going off the triangle daily. I know these setups are strong so I need to manage them like they are. I took DISH AZUL RNA short. Bought XHB BBBY puts. Took a loss on a swing XLK call. I locked in most of CPTN. That one was a gain. Had a gain on SPRO caught it low 2.00s. Tried to short NAIL with my swing broker didn't get it no shares I guess. Took a starter on ZFOX and bought a CANO call. I was glad I could scalp a little today even with it being my position trade broker. I'm pretty happy with my trading today except the FREY sell. I could have gone bigger on CANO. I was thinking about the last couple weeks of my trading and I tend to overtrade in the first 30 minutes to an hour of the day. I need to be aware of this and back off at the open some.

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