Friday, July 14, 2023

Stocks I Added To My Watchlists

Good morning everyone! I ran some scans last night as I usually do and found some really really good chart setups. With so many sectors in uptrends I plan on doing more blog posts on here. I bought a webcam too that is on the way and will work on doing video watchlists in the future too.

I added Peloton PTON back to my short bias watchlist. It needs a red day first or some technical support taken out to be a setup short.
pton stock chart

I added this China cloud computing Kingsoft Cloud (KC) Coming off a nice long flag with volume
cloud KC stock chart

I added a financial Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BBVA) Breaking out off a triangular consolidation.
bank BBVA chart

Grayscale Litecoin Trust (LTCN) This might be my favorite chart setup right now. It's in the hot industry too. This is the kind of clean long bull flag I really like and don't see too often. It even printed a hammer candle on the day. The setup is a breakout over yesterdays high $6.02. So it needs 6.03 to be a long. Really good setup. The stats I have in Tradersync for this setup has it with over 50% win rate and good expectancy.

I've been following a ton of tech news but I've never heard of this quantum computer company Rigetti Computing, Inc. (RGTI). It's in Berkeley CA so it looks totally legit. I thought only IBM and a handful of research institions were working on quatum computing. Maybe Elon Musk is not as far off on AGI predictions as I thought.

RGTI "builds quantum computers and the superconducting quantum processors. Its quantum computing as a Service platform can be integrated into any public, private, or hybrid cloud. The company offers product types of platform, research, and software tools, which are used in application areas of benchmarking, chemical simulation, education/entertainment, machine learning, and optimization."

It's trying to form a rounding bottom base on the long-term chart. It's got trend momentum.

KIND I'm hesitant to go big into this one because it's on it's third bull flag already. The higher in the trend the less likely the clean flags work out as smooth as the early ones. It's a good long bull flag though. One that got given up on like so many that are running now. Even Angi's List ANGI has a strong chart now. It's wild.

My favorite Bitcoin ETF BITO because it has very liquid options. Bitcoin is actually closer to breakout level as the ETF has some decay. Good bull flag here on Bitcoin.

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