Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Long and Short Bias Trading Watchlist For 7-11

I saw a lot of short and long setups tonight in my scans so I thought I'd do a watchlist. Years back I used to do regular watchlists. I am thinking of doing some regularly. I'm planning on getting a webcam to do some video watchlists also. Long Bias ACIU. Never heard of this one but they have an alzheimers drug in phase II. Bull flag breaking out. The big spike is promising to see more high day range if it keeps pushing.

RWLK big momo came into the stock. It has a history as a runner years back. In 2021 it had two big runs.

VTRS is a drug company. It is testing trading range resistance with a triangle here. Looks bullish. It needs to hit 10.03 to be a buy.

JetBlue JBLU testing major resistance. Could be explosive it it holds it.

Short Bias Watches On Supernova pattern.

Supernova on normal companies is essentially a mean reversion play. On garbage pumps it's less mean reversion and more just finding true price discovery which is worth what it was before the move up haha.

I'm only planning on doing puts on these if I catch the setup. They may start to reverse today or many days. But the top is getting closer. The short setup on Supernovas is it has to be RED on the day and taking out support levels. It MUST show weak technicals to be a short setup. The ideal way to trade them is to wait for the first red day to finish and short breakdown the next day. Sometimes they drop so much the first red day though.

AAOI is a big supernova above the upper bollinger band.

FNGR has a history of run and dump. Above upper bollie too.

I'm super cautious here on RIVN. This is one that it's safer to wait for the first red day.

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