Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trades Journal

I'd like to find a good desktop recording software so I can run through charts and talk about them on the screen at the same time. I looked around not long ago and couldn't find one that didn't look like a pure virus download.  I knew of one a long time ago but forgot the name. Anyway, I had a lot of positions on lately. Some of them did what I expected the execution was just off. Briefly, ANTH -6%, LOCK -7%, QID -2%, DGAZ -9%,OHRP -6%. Still holding that THLD short.

Before that flurry I was up for the year and had more winners than losers. Those put me down a little. I knew they were going to all end up swing trades so I went a little undersized which helped. Based on my previous performance I knew the losers wouldn't continue and the gift that the oil breakdown gave just pushed me up some. I just put on oil short with SCO and CHK short. I'm up on SCO here and up very nicely on CHK short. I shorted CHK at $8.31 and it's at $7.03 now. I longed SCO at 92.84 and it's 95 now.

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