Friday, August 28, 2015

Oil, Nat Gas, THLD

I had a stop order out there to cover my THLD short. I assume it triggered as Tradeking is totally shut down currently because of some malfunction in a data center. Tradeking recently acquired MB Trading and they are merging everything to tradeking. If the order filled I will have a realized small profit on THLD.

There is a long setup on crude oil after this spike day. A wide ranging day like today up 10% should get some follow through. I'm not longing it until it breaks out again though. Looks real promising. Conversely natural gas is one of the weirdest commodities. It has been perfectly immune to everything going on the past week. It's still range-bound and just hovering around support. I put a buy stop order to short UNG with DGAZ the other day. It is pennies away from triggering. The chart says short still.

The major indices are doing a bullish engulf off the lows. The rebound is very strong and could continue for awhile.

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