Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bull Market Updates

I want to start a stock alerts service mostly for short-term and swing trades but also long-term picks. I just need help with the website payment function. I've seen others use strictly Paypal and I suppose that's fine but I'd prefer to accept credit cards too. I've been doing a lot of trading. I closed out almost all of my hedges. I still have a tiny bit of DXD but it's just about 1% or so of my total portfolio. I have a position in TLT as a position and a hedge. It's the only true hedge this day in age. In the 2008 crash the only asset class that was positive was US Treasuries. Nope, gold and silver were not hedges. It actually is possible and I see it in the charts that as the market continues to run TLT will run too. I'm in the market keeps going camp. What we are seeing right now is a lot of fund manager window dressing moving a lot of these stocks higher. I'm going to keep riding it.

One of my picks I posted on here SGH did well. It's been running strong. I've been doing a lot of buy and hold because it works in this market. Here are my current positions in order from largest position size to smallest. PFN FSEAX TLT CGW BOTZ (BOTZ god I love this ETF for the longterm) GV NGE VNM INTC DXD SUNW PETS PLNT PLUG (Did you know AMZN is a major stakeholder?) and lastly TAN. A lot of these I recently locked in profits so I significantly decreased my position. PLNT I sold a ton at $26 or $27. PETS I got lucky and sold almost all of it for a 80% gain or so before the little scandal.

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