Saturday, February 20, 2016

Green On The Screen!

Nothing but green on the screen. My trading long and shorts were all positive for me this week. I don't think I have one losing trade this year. I'll have to check that but I can't recall one. I will do a video either this weekend or definitely Monday after I take more profits on these positions. My two short positions GRAM and SM both tanked nicely on Friday. I'm only holding about a third of my original short on SM. I'm still holding all the GRAM short.

I put stop orders out before Friday's open to lock in these gains incase they both moved up. I gave a lot of wiggle room on SM because in the past after big drops it consolidates. Luckily it didn't do that and just dropped again! About 7% Friday. I will probably do the same for Monday and do a buy to cover stop on any green on the day. GRAM I really wan't to cover the whole thing. It has fallen so nicely so fast that I see it having a positive day here soon. Also the sell volume hasn't been very robust. Hinting at a bull flag or flag attempt. JSDA is looking good technically above the long trading range.

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