Monday, July 27, 2015


My current positions are DGAZ long. THLD,ANTH,LOCK,OHRP short. I'm up slightly or near breakeven on all of these except ANTH. I didn't set a stop loss and have about a 3% loss currently on it. If it moves one tick above 11.25 a share which is the high yesterday I'm going to cover it all and flip it to a long. It could breakout again and it is a failed signal setup via the shooting stars failing. I'm at a turning point for this years trading. I've had more winners than losers in my trading and my account is up. It's all been coming together this year. I cut losers very well and lock in profits when they appear. My risk management has been on point this year overall.  I have stuck to clear setups too. My success on these positions will cement the rest of the year I feel.

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