Tuesday, May 26, 2015

For Wedn 27th

Strolling down my watchlists. LAYN is my first priority. MNKD is a long bias. It's in a bull flag. You can always confirm a bull flag by declining sell volume day after day in the flag consolidation. Most people will just look at price. Volume is equally important though. If it hits over 4.91 tomorrow it should run. I have three watchlists. Long biased watches, short watches, and position trades. Position trades are mostly indices, us dollar and maybe a couple stocks. All the lists are pretty small watchlists. The most I'll have on one list is 15 max. I have 10 long/neutral, 6 short and maybe ten position.

NYMX back on radar. Trend support widened out some. Trend support does that over time. It looks to be hugging new trend support. Still not many sellers on the daily volume. If it clears 1.60 it could pop.

Next one is going to drop like a rock any day now. This is a gift. Short short short. Hopefully there are shares out there.

Last short watch is VBLT. It has never held big gains well. Looking at the chart history it sells off after a big run.

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